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Modern House Design Services

Modern House Plans

Stock House Plans or Custom House Plans

At ClemDesign, we specialize in modern home design plans and mid-century modern style home designs. We offer a number of design options for our home plans. You can purchase any of our existing stock plans, OR we can modify our stock plans to meet your needs, OR we will create a custom design for you based on your ideas. Stock plans cost $1,000 US and include 4 hours of design time for minor modifications. Our custom home plans cost $1500 US.

Stock House Plans: With our stock house plans, you can choose any of our previously created home designs that suit your needs. With this option, we also include 4 hours of design time which allows you to have some minor modifications made to the stock house plans. Minor modifications might include moving a door or resizing a window. If the modifications you want require more than the 4 hours of design time, we would need to charge for the additional time. The cost of our stock plans is $1,000. Once we have received full payment for the stock plans, we will personalize them with your name and project address, then email you the plan files in a PDF format.

Total fee for our stock house plans:  $1,000 US

For specifics regarding our licensing agreement and terms for our custom plans, please download and read our Stock Plans Order Form.

Custom House Plans: With our custom house plan option, you can choose to modify one of our existing plans or we can create an entirely new plan based on your ideas. With either option, your cost is the same, $1500. The design process will require you to provide us with information regarding your location and the orientation of your lot. We will need additional information regarding the size of house you want, number of stories, garage,  number and type of rooms you require, etc. We will also need to have a telephone conversation with you so that we can understand your requirements and begin the design process.

After you have provided us with any information you feel pertinent, we require a deposit before we can start working on your plans. This design deposit is non-refundable. We also require that you download, sign and return our license agreement. The design deposit is $500 US.

Once we have developed an initial design, we will email you PDF files containing your proposed design. You can review these drawings and request changes. We will then make the requested alterations and send you updated drawings. Any project-in-process drawings you receive will contain a watermark "Copyright ClemDesign, Inc.". We expect to make several changes and alterations to your plans as we work through the design process (sending plans back and forth, working to achieve a design that suits your desires). However, we are not willing to make continual/excessive/unending modifications to your design. Excessive modification requests will require a re-negotiation of our total fee.

Once you are satisfied with your design, we will require payment of the remaining balance of our agreement via PayPal, personal or certified check. Once we have received your payment, we will email you the finished plan files in PDF format. Your final plans will be sized to Architectural D format, 24" x 36". You will then be able to go to local copy provider and have as many sets of plans printed as you need for your project. You can have these plans printed at full size or at half size.

Total fee for our custom house plans:  $1500 US
This fee applies to homes up to 4500 sq. ft. of living area including basements.

For specifics regarding our licensing agreement and terms for our custom plans, please download and read our Custom Plans Order Form.


Your Plans: What you Get

Included with your purchase of house plans are:

A black and white 3D view of the front of your design
Foundation plan
Floor Plans
Roof plan
Elevation views
Cross section view
Wall detail drawing

With the purchase of any of our plan sets, we will email you PDF files of your plans, personalized with your name and address. With these, you can go to most copy stores and have as many sets of plans printed as are needed.

Our plans typically contain 6 or 7 drawing sheets. These contain the information needed to specify the structure and dimensions of your future home. They do not typically contain any details regarding exterior or interior finishes, or specify plumbing fixtures, cabinets, etc. We leave these details to you and your builder to determine. You will have everything you need to build the house in most locations.

In addition to your house plans, you may need to have a site plan prepared by a local survey company. Depending on where you live, you may need to alter the foundation design and/or increase the size of some roof beams. If you are purchasing a custom plan, we will create the design based on the information you can provide us.

We do not supply any Electrical, Plumbing, or HVAC plans. Your subcontractors will typically "mark-up" a copy of the plans and configure these systems to meet your needs and the requirements of local building code officials.

Some areas have building codes requiring any plans to be reviewed and possibly stamped by a local professional with a license in that state. Our plans to not carry a professional stamp. A structural engineer can provide any load calculations required as well as a professional stamp to meet these local requirements. If you are not sure of local requirements, check with your local building permit department.


Multi-family, light commercial and agricultural buildings

**Please note, while our primary business is supplying plans for individual homes, we also design other structures such as duplexes, agricultural and light commercial buildings for customers. This is also dependent upon the laws and requirements of your location. If you have an interest in discussing a design for any of these buildings, please call or email us.



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Sample Construction Plans: To see samples of our construction plans,
Sample Plans.


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