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Making modern home design available to everyone

Stock house plans and custom home design

At ClemDesign, we offer custom house design for new construction and additions as well as stock house plans. We are committed to providing our clients with unique home designs that meet their needs, their building site and their budgets. Visit our Designs page to see samples of some of our stock plans or visit our Projects page to see some of our recent custom projects. Also visit our blog, http://blog/, to find more information about our projects as well as information on other related subjects.

With our stock house plans or our custom house plans, you can build the home you want and not settle for one of the "regular" homes offered by most developers. We can help make your dream a reality.

If you are interested in plans for your future home or addition, or if you have any questions about the services we offer, please contact us via phone (785-764-8880) or email at:   We would be happy to discuss your ideas. To help convey your ideas, you can also email us scans of your floorplan, sketches or photos . 


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Visit our Projects page to see the progress of our most recent projects:

Here you can see some of our recent projects. We will add updates to this page as we complete new projects and as customers supply us with construction photos.

To see sample images of some of our projects from various locations:    ClemDesign Projects page

Visit our blog!  At http://blog/, you can find out about our new projects and other subjects related to architecture and modern design.


Green Building

We emphasize green building (energy and material conservation) in all our projects. 50% of all the energy used in the United States is for heating, cooling and lighting our homes and businesses. Designing our homes for higher energy efficiency helps to conserve our energy resources for tomorrow as well as reduce our individual pollution contribution today. Higher energy efficiency also helps you save money on your monthly energy bills. Our standard plans utilize 2x6 frame construction. This allows you to add 42% more insulation to the walls and conserve more energy. Upon request, we will modify your plans to utilize ICF or SIP construction for even higher energy efficiency. For more information on building a more energy efficient home, see our Green Building page and the Building a Better, Greener Home article.

Solar Ready

When possible, we incorporate "Solar Ready" features, assuming this is feasible for your location (latitude, orientation, etc.). This simply means that we specify to have components such as conduits and/or piping installed during construction that will make it much easier to install either a photovoltaic or solar water heating systems to your home at some point in the future. This only costs a few dollars up front but can make installing your solar system less expensive in the future.

We are a distributor of LOGIX insulated concrete forms. ICFs are a building product that can significantly reduce the energy usage of your home or building, as well as make it stronger, safer and quieter. You want your new home built with ICFs! To learn more about ICFs, visit our LOGIX ICF page.

To see pictures of local homes being constructed with LOGIX ICFs: Link to LOGIX ICF page

       Logix ICF - Insulated Concrete Form

High recycled content! 41% (by weight) of LOGIX ICFs
are completely recycled materials.

LOGIX ICFs are a green building product.



Pictures of Modernist style homes in the
Kansas City/Lawrence areas

Link to images of Modern Home Designs in Kansas City and Lawrence To see pictures of some Modern Design Homes in the Kansas City and Lawrence, Kansas areas:

Modern Home Designs


Visit our Green Building page for home design green building information. Also visit our Links page for links to many building and energy efficiency resources and visit our Recycle page for information regarding recycling post consumer waste items. If you need a laugh, see the funny quotes on our Miscellaneous page. We are located in Baldwin, Kansas, near Lawrence, Kansas and Kansas City.





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